Brittany (photographer)

Brittany started her journey in photography as a child, dressing up, posing, and photographing her little sister Brooke. Who would have ever guessed their childhood play would turn into a career?! Brittany has worked as a professional photographer for over sixteen years. Starting as a photography assistant in H.S.. At nineteen years she opened a studio in the basement of a local hair salon. Brittany loved working with her clients and pushed forward to gain more knowledge. Soon after opening her studio she made the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleading squad, with that came many professional photo shoots. From learning about hair styling and makeup to more extravagant photography skills than she had ever been exposed to before. She loved all the excitement the photo shoots offered! After a couple years with the Colts and a Superbowl ring on her finger, she decided it was time to venture out of Winchester. Brittany moved to Nashville, TN. where she waitressed to pay the bills while assisting some of the best photographers around. She traveled with a magazine/calendar company to the Virgin Islands, Mexico, Aspen, and many more beautiful places! All while working as the pack mule hauling and tugging the equipment around. She was soon hired to be the shoot stylist where she purchased items to style the models, it wasn't long before she was helping take photos, pose the models, and much more...she even did a little modeling herself, you can catch a few glimpses of her in the Denzel Washington movie, Unstoppable. One of Brittany's greatest moments with her camera was being hired to photograph a wedding in Tuscany, she hopes to someday revisit that beautiful land! Five years passed in Nashville and Brittany was able to see how much she had grown as a photographer. Her career was starting to take off but there was one thing missing, her family. Brittany packed up and headed for home. She promised herself before leaving Tennessee that she would work day and night to build her photo studio. She did just that! Five years ago she opened a new studio in Winchester, her and Brooke now work together, Brooke is a makeup artist and assists Brittany on SR shoots. The duo have created an experience like no other, and they absolutely LOVE it! Brittany is also a proud wife and mother to the most precious little girl in the world. Life is Good.

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Brooke (makeup artist)

Brookes experience with makeup started as a child, her and her sister Brittany would doll eachother up and play photo shoots as kids with their old Kodak camera. Brooke was more of a tomboy than Brittany and enjoyed the sports world more than the dolling up, but as she grew older her love for beauty and fashion grew! Brooke had her makeup professionally done years ago and fell in love! It wasn't long after that experience that she was in the class becoming a professional herself! Brookes joy for beauty exploded when she first experienced making someone else feel beautiful. Brooke absolutely loves watching ladies confidence grow while sitting in her makeup chair.  You'll still see Brooke out watching football and possibly without makeup on, makeup isn't her life but making women feel good is. She believes a womans wedding day is the day she should feel the most beautiful she's ever felt, and that they deserve a little pampering too! After the years she's spent in the makeup world she's found that most womens least favorite thing about themselves is their eyebrows. After researching options available she found a new procedure called Microblading. This is a process that is giving women amazing looking brows that won't wipe off when their makeup does. Brookes loving this new venture and is ecstatic about the response she's receiving from her clients. Brooke also works with Brittany in the photography studio, you can see her makeup work on most the clients on Brittanys website. The duo have created a fun place for clients to come, enjoy their experience, and leave feeling gorgeous!